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The team has worked with community organisations since 2009 and has also worked with the City of Cape Town since 2013. 


We've partnered with the Business Academy to implement SETA accredited training.

Completed Projects:

1. Women for Change (Department of Solid Waste Management)

2. Strand Awareness Workshops (Department of Solid Waste Management)

3. Events Planning (Arts and Culture Branch)

4. Craft Product Development (Arts and Culture Branch)

5. Scriptwriting (Arts and Culture Branch)

6. High Schools Programme AGM (Arts and Culture Branch)

7. Hanover Park Waste To Art (Arts and Culture Branch)

8. Waste Enrichment (Department of Solid Waste Management)

9. Goodwood Mural Exhibtion (Arts and Culture Branch)

10. Market Process Facilitation (City of Cape Town Events and Planning)

11. Disability Education (Department of Social Development)

12. Strand Sports Exhibition (Department of Solid Waste Management)

13. Women Leadership Programme (Department of Solid Waste Management)

14. Emerging Artists (Arts and Culture Branch)

15. Bloekombos Tour (Arts and Culture Branch)

16. Heritage Programme (Arts and Culture Branch)

17. Facility Marketing (Department of Solid Waste Management)

18. Strand Waste Information (Department of Solid Waste Management)

19. Green Bin Rollout (Department of Solid Waste Management)

20. Home Based Caregiving (Department of Social Development)

21. Winter School (Arts and Culture Branch)

22. Elsies River Mural Exhibition (Arts and Culture Branch)

23. Accredited Group Facilitation (Department of Social Development)

24. Museum Puppet Shows (Arts and Culture Branch)

25. Disability Programme Bloekombos (Department of Social Development)

26. Family Responsibility (Department of Social Development)

27. Public Art Tour Subcouncil 13 (Arts and Culture Branch)

28. Small Business Training Strand (Department of Solid Waste Management)

29. Yarn Bombing Programme (Arts and Culture Branch)

30. Busking Project (Arts and Culture Branch)

31. Langa Mural Exhibitions (Arts and Culture Branch)

32. Heritage Programme Mamre Atlantis (Arts and Culture Branch)

33. Environmental Education Samora (Department of Solid Waste Management)

34. Hazardous Waste Survey (Department of Solid Waste Management)

35. Recycling Entities (Department of Solid Waste Management)

36. Responsible Tourism (Department of Tourism)

37. Schools Waste Awareness Audit (Department of Solid Waste Management)

38. Rental Stock Training (Department of Solid Waste Management

39. Transport Interchange Survey (Department of Solid Waste Management)

40. Schools Waste Survey (Department of Solid Waste Management)

41. Subcouncil 13 Cultural Planning (Arts and Culture Branch)

42. Blue Flag Environmental Programme (Department of Solid Waste Management)

43. Disability Education Programme (Department of Social Development)

44. Macassar Community Festival (Arts and Culture Branch)

45. High Schools Programme (Arts and Culture Branch)

46. Information Sessions Conference (Arts and Culture Branch)

47. Drama Education Programme (Department of Solid Waste Management)

48. Youth Leadership RCL Programme (Arts and Culture Branch)

49. Green Bin Rollout (Department of Solid Waste Management)

50. Busking Pilot Project (Arts and Culture Branch)

51. Micro Enterprise Programme (Department of Economic Development)

52. Youth Heritage Programme (Arts and Culture Branch)

53. Arts and Culture Indaba (Arts and Culture Branch)

54. Economic Development Awards (Department of Economic Development)

55. Micro Enterprise Summit (Department of Economic Development)

56. Smart Living Programme (Department of Environment Resource Management)

57. Environmental Education Masiphumelele (Department of Solid Waste Management)

58. Heritage and Culture Dialogue (Arts and Culture Branch)

59. School Waste Education Programme (Department of Solid Waste Management)

60. Tourism Conference (Department of Tourism)

61. Performing Arts Development Programme (Arts and Culture Branch)

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